Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i've upgraded!

 I've switched over to Wordpress for my wino rhino blog. Needed to make some changes and Blogger just isn't doing it for me anymore. Please change your RSS feeds and blog rolls according. Thanks, see you on the other side!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tuesday wine news

photo courtesy of Dr. Vino

In honor of #traveltuesday I thought I'd share a bit of interesting news that affects all you travelers out there ... which, sadly, no longer includes me since I've already taken my dream vacation and cannot afford another one until I'm old and senile. If you're looking for the best plane to enjoy a quality glass of wine on, then look no further. Business Traveler magazine just announced the Cellar in the Sky awards, naming the best airlines to find a quality wine that will make your trip a little more pleasant.
According to Business Traveler, Australian airlines are the way to go. One of their flagship airlines, Qantas, won several awards at the competition, including best overall cellar for business and first-class travelers, as well as general consistency in what they offer their guests. Qatar airlines had a strong showing this year, though not as strong as last year with the Wine on the Wing awards that Global Traveler magazine featured.
Not surprisingly, American airlines (overall, not just AA) did not fit the bill. What, so you DON'T enjoy Sutter Home or Barefoot on your 10-hour plane trip? Our mistake, we'll just give you some Korbal "champagne" instead.
The original article is featured at The Economist.