Monday, September 28, 2009

too young for wine?

I'm working on an article for* about being a young wine drinker and I was wondering if anybody on here has ever had a negative experience buying wine, drinking wine or visiting a tasting room based on their age. I want to know what you feel it's like as a young wine consumer. Do you ever feel looked down upon because you're young? Spare no details!

* please note that by contributing to this discussion you are granting permission for your quotes and basic identity (i.e. your username) to be used for this article.


  1. I'll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about wine. But I went to a winery once for an event and was a little disappointed with the service. I guess they just assumed that everyone wanted their free samples and that was it. So they didn't even try to tell me about the wines but just served them up.

  2. I can no longer drink wine! In 2006, early in the morning, I drank half bottle of white and red wine on an empty stomach. I collapsed. My right hand was paralysed. I was shaking like a leaf. Thank god my sister was still home and called 999 (I was still in London then). I was taken to the hospital and was put in a wheelchair til the doctor could see me. After telling him what had happened he said:'Oh you just got drunk by 11 a.m. You'd be okay in a few hours. Grab a bite or something and get some painkillers' by handing me a prescription!

    Since then I can't smell/drink wine...

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that! I had a similar experience with doughnuts - had a doughnut once for breakfast, watched 'Interview with the Vampire' and passed out. Since then I cannot have just sweets for breakfast - I need to have something salty or I feel faint.
    Hopefully it'll work out for you eventually :).