Monday, June 7, 2010

atw - more like FUNdue!

The other day I had a craving for fondue. A serious, serious craving. And as any true fondue fan knows, the craving for fondue can ONLY be satisfied with a delicious fondue. No cheese and crackers will substitute! So Julien and I went with his mother and sister to a little Swiss restaurant in Carmel CA to have some cheese fondue and raclette.
Since no fondue excursion would be complete without a delicious bottle of dry white wine to enjoy it with, we decided to order a bottle directly from the fondue motherland  ... Switzerland. The wine was a 2002 Domaine E. de Montmollin white wine from Bevaix, Switzerland ($32). The grapes were grown by Domaine de Chauvigny on the French side of Switzerland.

The color on this wine was a rich yellow, almost straw-like color. There was noticeable pear and Golden Delicious apple on the nose, as well as Meyer lemon and honeydew. The wine was quite dry but had a bit of a spritz on it as well. The mouth had honeydew melon with a tiny hint of grapefruit, Golden Delicious apples and a honey finish. It tasted great with the fondue, and wasn't bad with the chocolate fondue that followed for dessert! I would definitely recommend it for the next time you're thinking of having or making some fondue.
In other news, as you can see my Web site is officially open for business! Well, the main page and blog page are, anyway. The rest should be uploaded within the week. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know.
Also, please check out my newest article for Palate Press about being a vegetarian wine taster. It's currently the featured article on the main Palate Press site. Yippee!

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