Wednesday, January 13, 2010

atw - pre make-me-drink-wine-alot syndrome

Well, in case the headline didn't give it away, I am currently feeling the lovely effects of what's commonly known as PMS. Before you go all "ewww" on me and demand I retract that message, may I remind you that at least half of the human population experiences this, and therefore it could be considered akin to me talking about how many Americans use Facebook (which I'm sure is a lot higher than 50%, but you get my drift).
The reason I'm mentioning this is because I wanted to share with you one of my favorite remedies for PMS .... red wine! It's been scientifically proven that red wine helps relieve menstrual cramps, as reported by CBS and Natural Home According to natural remedies specialist Kyle J. Norton, red wine helps relieve the many symptoms of PMS, including cramping, swelling and insomnia, through the following:

1. Blood tonic

(Any food with red color is considered as blood and heart tonic in some traditional medicine). Red wine in fact helps to release the blood stagnation in the body tissues and organs including the reproductive system thereby, decreasing the risk of premenstrual pain and cramps caused by blood stagnation in the abdominal region and increasing the transportation of nutrients to the nervous cell resulting in lessening the risk of fatigue, loss of concentration, and dizziness.

2. Melatonin
Moderate drinking (no more than 1 cup a day) red wine helps to improve the melatonin hormone thereby, increasing the function of internal clock in regulating "when it's time to go to sleep and when it's time to wake up" and lessening the risk of insomnia.

3. Flavonoids
Besides best known for it antioxidants property, it contains epicatechin, quercetin and luteol which also help to increase the digestive function in absorbing vital vitamins and minerals which are found deficiently for women with PMS and inhibitimg tumour growth.

4. Polyphenols
Red wine contains polyphenols which is a powerful antioxidant containing a polyphenolic substructure it has been used in combating neurodegenerative , some cardiovascular diseases. It also consider a chemical agent with anti-aging consequences such as slowing the process of skin wrinkling.

5. Resveratol
It also contains high levels of resvertol which is essential for immune system in inhibiting irregular cell growth and fighting against inflammation including the reproductive organs caused by cell oxidation.
In order to relieve my own symptoms, I'm currently enjoying a glass of 2007 Quinto de Crasto 2007 Douro Red from Portugal (another wine to add to my Around the World list!), which is a blend of 35% Tinta Roriz, 25% Tinta Barroca, 25% Touriga Franca and 15% Touriga Nacional. It's a rather enjoyable wine with a caramel and coffee nose, in addition to a rather noticeable balsamic. It's tangy with a slightly tannic finish. Heavy notes of oregano with not a lot of fruit.
It's definitely an easy-to-drink wine, but I was a little off put by the lack of strong fruits in this wine. Didn't make it bad, it just wasn't expected. But it definitely makes the woman pains go down considerably! Whenever you're feeling the blues, ladies, be sure to down a glass of red wine. Doctor's orders!


  1. You just want to give us a reason to drink! Hehe. But, yes, red wine > white wine.

  2. But what's wrong with drinking ... in proper doses? :)