Friday, January 8, 2010

poetry slam friday

Here I am on my lunch break during a pretty slow day at work, a little tipsy on Heller Estate 2005 Sparkling Merlot (even with spitting it's easy for a lightweight like me to get spinny). So I decided to start my poetry slam Fridays. I will write at least one wine-related haiku or poem every friday, plus whatever else I feel like tagging on.
Poetry is my first love, after all, and I hate for her to feel neglected. If you have a wine, grape or other wine-related thing you'd like to hear a poem about, let me know. Or if you have one of your own, send it in!



It tickles my nose.
Thousands of air pockets drenched
in clear fireworks.


Here's another poem I wrote today ... you can thank the sparkling wine for this one ;).

green lens flare

your reflection is a path
it opens up my many different faces
shrieking amongst the ill-placed words
and constant sidelong glances

if my eyes are the camera
they are flashing you
evil stares
amateur Photoshop techniques

am I jealous or just talentless?
probably both
do I live my hatred through your narcissism?
most likely
what would it take to save both of us?

I need to lessen my number
stop being your feed
settle into the tidal waves

and you ...

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  1. I had their Merlot and loved it!

    How does their Sparkler compare?

  2. I love it! And I love a good sparkling red. My boyfriend went to the Napa area in March (I have family in that area) and went to the Korbel winery and tasted a bunch of their sparkling reds. We brought a couple bottles home with us and I've been in love ever since!

  3. The Sparkling Merlot is a lot of fun. It's really easy to drink and works great as mimosas :). They also have a Merlot Rose and a Merlot Blanc. I like the Merlot Blanc as an aperitif wine but I'm not a huge fan of the Rose. Sorry, Rich (the winemaker)!