Thursday, February 18, 2010

reaching out with 14 hands

So last night I decided to treat myself and went on a little clothes shopping spree. Nothing fancy, but did spend some of that green I'd earned over the weekend during AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach ... oh, and Valentine's Day. I LOVE Marshalls. It's a fabulous store and I find the cutest things. I'm sure you'll be seeing them on here soon, because I'll probably be wearing them all the time!
One sad point, though. They're selling Apple Bottom jeans now at Marshalls, and I wish they didn't look so "blingy" because they fit my buttius maximus like a glove! I couldn't bring myself to buy a pair. I'll have to see if Apple Bottom makes any jeans that are a little more simple.
Afterwards I was too lazy to cook so Julien and I went to his workplace, Islands, to get some dinner. Since I felt like drinking something but wasn't in the mood for hard alcohol. Mardi Gras was the night before - I had gone out with a girlfriend and was still feeling the effects! So I had a glass from their admittedly poor wine selection. Hey, they're a burger joint, not a wine bar ;).

So I tried the 2006 14 Hands Merlot from Washington state ($9). The wine had a lightly smokey nose with plum and grass. The wine definitely was a medium body, and surprisingly started out rather sweet and jammy - something I don't normally find in a Merlot. It also had flavors or black pepper and berry. It was okay, but honestly I just didn't find anything that "wow" about it. It was drinkable, but not memorable. I didn't even finish the glass. If you see this in the store, I wouldn't recommend you pick it up. I'm sure there'll be something else on the shelf that's more worthy of bottle purchase.
Well, I'm off to the gym. Gotta get in shape so I can wear that catsuit for my performance as Maureen in Rent this August! Meow!

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