Wednesday, February 24, 2010

evolution: a love story

Ladies and gentlemen, I have someone new in my life. 
This individual's name is Evolution, Lucky Number 9 ($20). It's a non-varietal American blend of nine different white grapes, produced by Solok Blosser winery in Dundee, Oregon. I know what you're thinking ... something with that much baggage and variety can't possibly be good for me. Well, it is. I am positively in love with this wine. I know some of you might disapprove of our love, seeing as how this "American" wine doesn't have a proper background or home, but I don't care! Our love defies the gods themselves! 
Behold the evolution of our revolutionary love story:

First surprise. And frizzy hair. 

Then curiosity ... and admiration. 
Notice the Kristen Stewart lower-lip bite. That shows you it's real. 

Then comes a love that defies reason.  It's not just love: it's evolution. 
(Cheesy, I know, but I had to throw it in there!)

I bet you're wondering why I care about this wine so much. Well, the first thing I love about it is how easy it is to drink. It's one of those wines that you could down a half bottle of right away and not notice because it's incredibly smooth and light. It only clocks in at 12% alcohol. The color is a soft yellow with a slight greenish tint. You can see a few bubbles in it as well. The nose is light, with white peach, mineral, dew grass, citrus and a tiny hint of vanilla bean and mango. Its nose is very sweet and seductive - really cleanses the nasal passage. I just feel like taking a huge whiff and soaking it all in. 
The mouth is sweet with a bit of spritz on the tongue. It has some similarities to a Muscato, although I couldn't find online if one of the varietals was indeed a Muscato. Mystery! Let me know if you solve it. There's banana on the entry with light peach. The wine starts sweet but ends with a bit of tang from the grassy herb and mineral, as well as some vanilla bean. I would recommend refrigerating this wine, it's more refreshing at a cooler temperature than at room. 
I know this may be a personal opinion, mainly because Julien didn't care for it, but I really love the taste of this wine. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good light white wine, especially those who are relatively new to wine drinking. It's incredibly easy to enjoy and would work with a wide variety of foods (although I would definitely recommend you think spicy!). 
And just so you know, I was not commissioned by Evolution to produce this article - I bought this wine myself. However, if anyone from Evolution happens to read this, and wishes to send some samples for me to review ...  I might be inclined to, you know, give them a try. Who are we kidding, I would gulp them down!
I know I know ... I'm a wine glutton. But can you really blame me?


  1. Hey Beth! Glad you stumbled upon a wine from Sokol Blosser! A truly great winery and we (Jamil and I) love this wine as well as their red counterpart Meditrina. I also love the little quote they put on top of some of their whites (glue spot on top of the cork) which reads "Chill, Pour, Chill."


  2. I definitely agree with you there!

  3. It's a good one. I almost bought a bottle tonight but thought to mock my work place with Plungerhead. Glad you enjoyed!

  4. Are you talking about the Plungerhead zin? I love that wine! Wrote a review about it on here. How would it mock your work, exactly? I find myself curious :).

  5. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

    Wow, I'm not a wine drinker myself, but this post is making me crave some -- maybe I'll just go out and buy some grape juice (i know, nothing compares)...but still... :)

  6. I came across your blog through SITS tonight - thoroughly enjoying it!! Very clean nice layout, me likey!! I'll keep poking around.