Monday, March 1, 2010

a bit of ranting and raving

I'm sorry I haven't written this past week. I've still been fighting that bug, which has now moved into my chest and lungs, and I haven't felt like drinking (let alone writing about) wine for the past few days. The reason I'm writing now is completely unrelated to wine - it's just me ranting about something that's seriously bothering me.
So I decided this morning that enough was enough and that I should go to the doctor. I went to Doctors On Duty, since it's supposed to be the more affordable option for those like myself who are, shall we say, insurance impaired. I waited for about 20 minutes before being called up. The receptionist then tells me that I have to give her a $100 deposit. I was surprised, since the last time I went (which was only 2 years ago) I had to only pay $80 for the entire appointment. So I asked her if the appointments were $100 now. She said no, that they were not AT LEAST $165, but a deposit was required before the appointment actually took place.
Needless to say, I was shocked. I couldn't believe that a working class person like myself, who makes less than $30,000 per year, was expected to pay almost $200 for a simple doctor's appointment. It was baffling. So I instead decided to take my money elsewhere and see an herbal specialist for some natural remedies. I ended up, including the appointment, paying only $60 for everything. Including the medicine! And the appointment was so much more helpful than anything the doctor could've given, which would've probably involved him or here putting a stethoscope to my back, asking me to breathe and telling me I just need a few days rest.
The herbal medicine is already having an effect and I'm feeling much better. A little tired, but much better. I would recommend herbal remedies for anyone who is mentally willing to try other options besides simply getting a prescription. I've been driving tea made with fresh thyme and taking a specialty wild cherry bark syrup that tastes terrible but does the trick.
In the end, to anybody who says health care reform is a bad idea, just come talk to someone like me ... someone who doesn't have health insurance. And I'll tell you first thing that it's badly, badly needed in this country. Prices shouldn't double in two years. It's inhumane. It prevents people like me from affording health care. Granted I got alternative care, which has helped greatly, but I should still be able to have the option of quality and affordable health care.
So that's my rant and rave for now. When I get back to drinking wine I'll let you know.


  1. If one day you come to Portugal will always be able to drink a good wine

    Ps: If you pass by my blog you can comment in English because you will be welcome

  2. I always stock up on Celestial's Wellness teas and licorice root and wild cherry bark tea when I get sick. They work wonders!

  3. Thanks veiga! Always love a good porto :).

  4. I got some eucalyptus and licorice teas as well. They do the trick but, sadly, I'm not a fan of the flavor!