Thursday, March 18, 2010

wine blogger of the week - the wine ... um, *gulp*

So this week's wine blogger is Randy Watson, a.k.a the Wine Whore. Based out of Tampa, FL, the Wine Whore (God, I'm hope my mom's not reading ... sorry Mom, that's actually his blog name!) has turned the basic idea of wine blogging into a full-time job, complete with (nearly) daily posts, merchandise and other little goodies including both a wine blog and a food blog written by a friend of his, Todd Sweeney. The layout of his blog is pretty impressive, especially because he's using the Blogger program ... although there are a few too many ads on there for my taste ;). Anyway, I enjoy reading his blog because he makes wine accessible, which not a lot of bloggers do. If you haven't checked out his wine blog yet, I would definitely recommend you do. It's a good read! 
If you want to be my featured wine blogger of the week, here's how you do it ... um, just ask! If I haven't seen your blog before I will definitely check it out, and if I like what I see (and how could I possibly not?) I will make you my featured wine blogger of the week. 


  1. And here I've been calling myself the Wine Whore all this time..gonna have to add a TM to that now! haha

    I'm getting a wine fridge tomorrow, can't hold my excitement :)

  2. Congrats on the fridge! Just don't keep it TOO cold :).