Sunday, November 8, 2009

atw - don't pass the pork

I hope you like my first ever video wine blog entry! 
Decided to try something different - let me know what you think.
P.S. sorry about the weird face thing ... I keep trying to change it but stupid Youtube
won't let me.

Basic Wine Info:
Mount Hernon 2006
Yarden Winery
Galilee, Israel
$14, Cost Plus


  1. I love this! I think you should definitely do the video entries on a regular basis :-) I live across the street from Cost Plus so I may have to give this one a whirl...sounds interesting. My stepmom is Jewish and I'll be spending Thanksgiving with her and my dad, so perhaps I can bring this along!

  2. Thanks Stevie! I definitely enjoyed making it (and it was quite a break for my fingers, too). Think I'm gonna try it out a little more. Thanks again :). And definitely give the wine a try. I mean, they've been producing wine in Israel since biblical times, so they've gotta be doing something right, yes? :)