Monday, November 9, 2009

who am i?

Found this on A Day In the Life, and while this is mainly a wine blog, I can never resist the tempting call of a mini survey. It makes you look at your life from a completely different angle. Plus, they're fun!

I am:

Reading… "American Political Thought: Four-Hundred Years of Ideas and Ideologies" by Sue Davis. Required reading for my Amer Poli Sci class. Interesting stuff, but can be a little droll at times.

Keeping… my socks on in bed. It's getting pretty chilly here at night, and my toes are always the first to feel the effects.

Baking… mini muffins! I plan on making some mini muffins today to try out my new mini muffin pans I got at Goodwill - 4 for $2!

Watching… the newest episode of The Office. Geez, Michael Scott is really an ass.

Trying… to work up enough energy to get out of my bed and actually start doing stuff.

Making… the most out of my blogging experiences, seeing what I can do and how fun I can make it!

Congratulating… both of my sisters, one for recently getting engaged, and the other for finally getting an apartment so she's no longer living with her boyfriend's mom. Ooh, I so could not imagine living with anyone's parents right now. My independence is WAY too valued ;).


  1. Nice blog. You have to try a Sav Blanc from New Zealand. Yum.

  2. Thanks Nancy! That's actually one of the ones to try on my list for the blog! I've had one or two before, and they were excellent. NZ has the perfect climate for making a fantastic Sauv Blanc. Thanks again!

  3. Much like a Facebook quiz! I think you should also "Try" to make it up to Sonoma County sometime soon! (I am stealing this for my blog) :)

  4. I liked this so much I did it on my blog :)