Monday, November 2, 2009

post halloween recovery program

I hope everybody had a nice Halloween! I spent it working mornings at Heller Estate (selling and drinking wine, of course!) and nights at the restaurant all weekend long. My feet are killing me today! Halloween itself was fun. I dressed up as Sultry Buttons from a Homestar Runner cartoon. Not sure if you've heard of it, not many people have. Anyway, they were having a costume contest so I entered. I'll let you know what happens with that.
As far as drinking, mostly had tequila that night. Margaritas and such. Yep ... didn't enjoy the next morning. I'll try to do a wine post tonight, but I can't guarantee it. I have a midterm tomorrow, a paper due which I'm only halfway through and a bunch of other homework due. Plus I work today.


  1. Happy belated Beth! Always nice to know of a few more awesome Scorpios!

    BTW -- very nice costume and good choice of libation for the eve -- te-killa.

    Love your blog and have enjoyed reading and learning... Keep up the fine work Darlin'!

  2. Thanks Sequoia! Is that what I should call you? Not sure, but it sounds cool :). Do you have a blog, or are you a reader? If you have a blog, send me the link, would love to check it out!

  3. You are sex in heels! I love the costume :)

  4. Thanks Purple! What did you dress up as?